A Canadian, originally born in Greece, Jessikah sings in 5 languages, English, French, Portuguese, Greek and Italian. With a diverse vocal styling in jazz, musical theater, pop, rock, and R&B, Jessikah has made several radio and television appearances as well as hosting her own television show in Europe.  During that period she was offered the position of newscaster for Cyprus National Television. An entrepreneur spirit since the age of 18, Jessikah has been singing professionally all over Europe.

Always knowing her true passion for singing and performing, she staged her first show at the age of 8, on the balcony of her Montreal home, with her neighborhood friends as her first audience, and a big hairbrush for a microphone.  This was only the beginning…

Jessikah pursued classical vocal studies at the Conservatory of Athens, Greece.  As her vocal styles expanded, she was invited to sing at local clubs, playing Joan Baez and Janis Joplin on her guitar. A few years later she was introduced to the sounds of the divine jazz singer Sarah Vaughan, and the unique Ella Fitzgerald. Her entire life changed and jazz was it for her!

Jessikah continued performing in jazz clubs to support herself through her classical studies. Being a lively and kinesthetic person, she found opera limiting in movement. So she started exploring jazz even more, unleashing her creativity.

She went on to tour for a number of years, performing all over Europe with bands and choreographers. After a few years, she felt that there was more to explore, so she blends her jazz background, with the influences of soulful sounds of artists such as Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Sade, Toni Braxton, George Benson, Al Jarreau, and gospel artists Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, and Yolanda Adams.

An old piano she had purchased helped her new creative musical ideas start flowing as she started getting introduced to the velvety sounds of Luther Vandross, and Brian McKnight, as well as funk artist Prince.

Despite the fact that she had always been writing her own lyrics and music, she turned down opportunities for recording a solo album, while she recorded with other European artists. The time was not yet for her.

Today, her experiences through life, live performances, and new musical avenues, as well as her entrepreneurial spirit, has finally led her to the making of her first solo album. As the timing is right, her gift of music and vocal sensation, is to be shared with thousands of audiences all around USA, Canada and Europe.

With a background in dance at the Elena Vanelli School of Modern Dance in Europe, Millennium dance Complex, California, and Harbour Dance Center in Canada, she also contributes to the choreography of her shows.

A simple black dress and plain shoes is not to be expected in any of Jessikah’s shows, as there is no limit to this vivacious performer’s imagination. Expect anything from elegant gowns to hip outfits, to leather, as her images and roles change endlessly through her entire show.

From rock, to opera, to jazz to R&B, to world music, the versatility of Jessikah is never ending, and the sincerity, warmth and excitement she gives her audience during her shows, keeps them coming back for more!